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3D books contain stunning images presented in two different ways. Both methods do not require any device or 3D viewer to see them in 3D. The methods are called  'unaided naked straight-eye viewing' and 'unaided naked cross-eye viewing'. Two images are presented side-by-side, one representing the view for the left or right eye, the other image is the view for the other eye. The reader may use either viewing method on the appropiate pair. Most people find 'cross-eye' viewing easiest. You cross your eyes a little like trying to see the tip of your nose, then look at the image pair and relax your eyes very slowly. Ultimately, a third image forms between the two images which, the more you focus on it, becomes deeper 3D. You can practice this method on the picture below.




Above: an example of a stereo 3D cross-eye viewing image from the book: FAMOUS PAINTINGS.
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Some people find viewing stereo-pairs unaided very easy, but a few people have to practice a bit to get to see 3D. The trick is that as you start to see a third image form, to relax or cross your eyes less or more until the 3rd image is no longer seen in double vision but as a clear and focused 3D one. Moving your head closer or further away from the picture slowly helps.


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