About Secrets Of Living Close (A book, and a 3D Card Set)
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Macroscopic images of the tiny hidden life all around us.


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View the book trailer. Very few works, if any, attempt to put insects into the framework of human struggle and survival. The beautiful photographs produced by Irina Kozorog naturally introduce our fellow earth travellers to us humans with compassion and empathy for their life moments. Irina brings her subjects into our human framework and reference. The tiny creatures in our back gardens, in the nooks and crannies of our homes, in rocks, in ponds, trees and countryside are not just mere mechanical beings, not when Irina encounters them. Under her loving gaze, as an ant grazes on a drop of honeydew or communicates with a sister, for a fraction of a second as the camera shutter opens and closes, the tiny creature is embodied with a soul. It may not have one of its own, but in the split second it is recorded going about its business in its tiny world, it is imbued with a part of Irina's soul. Irina lives and works in Russia. Her work occasionally reaches the west through this or that tabloid feature. But by and large, most people will not have seen her work outside of her country. Here then is a book and a 3D card set to introduce Irina's connection with our tiny kin on planet earth, snap shots of moments shared with them and told through her eyes, her voice. The book also includes 3D images of her photographs, which appear alongside her images. These can be seen without the aid of 3D glasses, and help to take you the reader into her world of magic forests and sentient insects. The Macro-photographs are accompanied by both English and Russian Cyrillic text to ensure her work can be equally enjoyed in her home country of Russia as well as in English-speaking countries. A perfect gift for all adults and children of any age wishing to perceive the natural world in a completely novel and loving way. Edited and produced by the founder of one of the world's leading web sites presenting the small world, it stands as an endorsed work of quality and of out-standing beauty.

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