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At the start of the 21st century, an unknown digital artist decided to capture the dramatic changes going on in the world. The advent of the Internet, digital technologies, advancing CGI and huge changes in cultural attitudes were erasing the old world of the 2oth century. Using females to front the work and to entice the viewer to enter the worlds the artist created in his work as reflections of the transformations around him, he produced a prolific series of images over the next 13 years. As one observer once wrote:
Horror story meets romance meets sex meets fantasy meets beauty meets you! The art of portraying females against a backdrop of a contemporary world where we spend 50% of our time immersed in cgi movies, virtual reality, and computer games has been caught in the artist's extraordinary imagery. If art is born of observing and reflecting an era, then Mol Smith has distilled the start of the 21st century and our 'brave new world' within his images.

A small booklet is enclosed with this set to explain more about the pictures and the models for them. [ Note: the set contains artistic nude images! ].
A true collectors edition, rare and valuable.

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Cambodian Honeymoon Beauty And Beast A Death In Venice



After The Flood Where Butterflies Come From
Evolution Forget Me Knot First Flight Gracing The Seed

Headless Doll

Gattaca Passion Of The Cross


Ivory Flame The Offering Cold Winged Grief


Ride Of The Valyres Broken Doll Dancer At The Edge Of Time
Where Angels Fear To Tread Bringer Of Autumn Inactive The Perfect Artist's Model
Ben & Amelie: The Kiss Pandora Ben Strikes Gold Reaching For The Past

Created originally as flat 2D images but now in stunning 3D.
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The images can also be purchased as a book where the pictures are viewed with either straight-eye or cross-eye unassisted viewing. See BOOKS for details.

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  These images and many more are included in a very-expensive-to-buy art book available via LULU publishing. It is called FLAMES.

You can also read it online freely here at



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