Who own the copyright to the pictures you use?
Photographs of classic paintings that were used also other images used in other 3d works created by us were either in the public domain or were licensed under the wikipedia commons licensing process. We only use images which are in the public domain or which are licensed to us directly.

Who owns the copyright to the 3D images of the paintings?
Onview.net Ltd, a small publishing company registered in the UK.

Suppose I copy off the photographic 3D set?
Not advisable really. We have encoded each picture set, the pictures themselves, with our copyright name. If your copies pop up somewhere and we scan them with our software, we will see they are ours. If you wish to use the 3D images in some way, it is best and not expensive to licence them by talking with us.

Can you convert my photographs into 3D?
Yes, but it is very extensive manual work. Many dedicated hours are required to achieve good results so normally the cost of doing it for any non-commercial venture is too prohibitive to embark on.

What software was used in the process of creating 3D images from a single 2D image?
Stereotracer by Triaxes. Website.

I am interested in a business proposition with you.
Always interest to talk. Contact here.

Can the stereo cards be seen properly in any kind of 3d viewer?
No. Not at the moment. They have been made to work with the Owl-lite or similar 3d hand-held 3D glasses.

I have suitable 3d glasses or  already have an owl-lite. Can I just buy a card set?
Yes. We sell two types of sets: one includes the 3d viewer, the other just has the cards.

How were the cards printed?
Most are created by
silver-halide printing which produces highly detailed dot-free photographs. Ink jet printing does not work as you would see the dots. Dye Sublimation printing is used on some of the limited sets which are produced a set at a time by hand. This is a slightly more costly method.

Can you restore Victorian 3d stereocards?
Yes, a great deal can be done to create more vibrant copies of original Victorian 3d cards, which can also correct fading, tears, and other forms of wear and tear.
Contact us with your query if you want to consider us doing that or you have a proposal.

Can you sell my 3d products?
Best to
Contact us and we can discuss.

Can we advertise on your site?
We are happy to discuss placing limited advertising here. We do not support mass advertising but are comfortable carrying ads to products related to stereo 3d which are worthy.
Contact us to chat about it.

How are your books published?
By Amazon or LULU as print-on-demand processes.






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