Stereo 3D viewers and card sets, plus downloads to load on your phone and view with an appropriate 3D viewer. If you love Stereo 3D, you are in the right place!  


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3D Stereo viewers are listed below. We sell the ones marked  in our shop. Other types of viewers are available and we have listed the type and various places you may still buy them in our HELP/ABOUT PAGE SECTION. Links tend to go redundant in very short time frames, but at the time of writing, the links we included  are valid.


Loreo 3D glasses


These glasses are foldable cardboard Stereo Glasses with 2 lenses. They were sold for many years by a company in Hong Kong. They no longer make them, but we have a batch of about 100 in stock. Because of their shortage, we sell them separately at £6.00 a pair of glasses (1 pair) but if you buy a stereo card pack with 3D glasses from us, you are getting them cut price. Purchase them from our shop. These work well with our stereo cards as well as most printed 3D stereo cards of yesteryear, and indeed enable 3D stereo viewing of stereo images on a mobile phone.


3d Owl Lite Glasses


These glasses are made of solid plastic lenses designed by Brian May of the famous UK band - Queen. He is a 3d Stereo enthusiast as well. They are still available and serve the same degree of functionality as the Loreo above, but are more expensive. We sell these in our shop for £6.00 but you may get a bit off  if you buy a pack with these in. We decide according to available stock which 3d viewing aid you receive in our card packs.


3D Red/Cyan Stereo Glasses


These glasses are made of cardboard with Red/Cyan or sometimes Red/Blue lenses. They only work on stereo cards well when the cards are non-coloured. We Sell these for £1.50 a pair (1 pair of  glasses) but you get them much cheaper if you select the special GREY coloured packs of 3D stereo cards including the viewer in our shop. Most of our 3D card stereo cards are in colour but we made some available for viewing by these to make a purchase a bit cheaper.


We do not sell these below! For information only!


Fuji 3D Viewer


A few years back Fuji made a 3d Camera where a lenticular screen viewer enabled you to see the 3D stereo image recorded with the camera on the screen without glasses. They no longer produce the camera or viewer. It was a good system. You can still buy the camera on Ebay and often the viewer which has an increasing price due to its rarity. More details here.  The file format for the 3D images are .mpo and we make .mpo files available freely for owners of this viewer in our Downloads section.


Rokit 3D Phone


This is a great phone where you can capture 3D images and movies (with a bit of guidance) but mosty play back glasses-free 3D stereo imades. We provide Free downloads of our 3D work to view on these phones. I think for playing back 3D stero content glasses free, this currently is the cheapest option.

Take a look at them here
or on Amazon. Although it will perhaps become apparent that such tech devices are failing to enthrall the masses so they remain a niche area for the current time-being.


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