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About Me 


About Me

I have done many types of skilled work over half a life-time. Engineering, electronics, instrumentation, and a lot of D.I.Y.

I find I have a fascination for resolving problems accurately and I love to see good work done well, as I take a similar pride in all that I do.

I live in Peterborough with my lady - Liz, and with our several dogs. I play several musical instruments as a pass-time, including the bagpipes, although I am not Scottish. A very difficult instrument to play. I also take up roles as an actor on stage, in films, and I gave up my full time job working for a large local company to have flexibility in my work and personal life.

I love meeting new people and making new friends and acquaintances. Working in other people's homes is a small joy in itself. One has the opportunity to meet similar folks from all walks of life all doing their best to get through from day to day.

I am not a lover of big businesses or over-commercialism, believing life should be a balance of social well being and work for all, rather than big profits for some and little work or social experience for others. Fairness between people makes a better world. I have no desire to be rich. Like most people, I just wish to have a comfortable life with time here and there to enjoy some of it.

One way forward is to spend time doing work you enjoy, which formed much of my decision, finally - to work for myself.

I hope this gives you a quick summary of the type of person I am, and I look forward to meeting you.

                                                          Sean Botha                  





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