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House & Garden
Most work I do in or around your home is done for a price and not an hourly rate, so you know the total cost up front with no hidden surprises. If the work is more than say, a few hours - this is the best way for you and for me, either by me giving you an estimate without seeing the job or by coming to look and giving you an estimate. In 99% of cases, the estimate is what the work will cost. Now and again, some kind of unexpected problem may be uncovered, which could require additional time, or materials to remedy. In such cases, I advise you of what I discovered, show you, and explain to you what is required to put it right.

Some people, do not actually need a whole big job carried out, but have many little and varied jobs to be done. For example: a loose shelf, a toilet roll holder needing to go up, a dripping tap, etc.,

With a small number of jobs which might take half a day or one whole day, I can give you a daily rate to come and see to them. I charge £85.00 for a half day, or £150.00 for a full day. Any main materials required must be provided by you or else if I get them for you, the cost of these items must be paid by you. I can be paid by cheque, cash, or bank transfer.  I do not currently take credit or debit cards. A full written receipt is always provided. You pay when the work is done to your satisfaction, not before.



Other Work

Mattress Turning : £25.00

Dog Walking : £12.00 per hour (1 dog) or £10.00 an hour per dog if more than one dog walked together with another or others.

Jewellery / Watch / Clock Repairs
An estimate is given as each job is different.


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