"Cut the cost of smoking HEETS in half!"



Why do I have to Pay?
Oh, that we could be so rich, we could just tell you for nothing. Unfortunately, we smoke too... so we will never be rich. Knowedge is worth so much. Eight pounds spent now will save you hundreds of times that amount.

How do I know this is not a scam?
Paypal do not like scammers ans would deny payment straight away if we were scamming anyone.

Do Philip Morris (the makers of IQOS) know about this?
They have done everything possible to provide a means to keep you addicted... at a price! They may try to shut us down, but so far they haven't.

Can I get my money back if I don't like the answer?
Unfortunately, no! Once we tell you the secret, there is nothing we can do to take back the secret once you know it.

Can I really halve the price of smoking HEETS?
Yes. Certainly. We did, so can you!

Could I work out the secret for myself?
Yes. Probably. We did. But do you really have the time to sit down and explore the science behind the IQOS charring method to discover something we can show you right now?

How much money can I save a year when I  the secret?
If you smoke 20 HEETS a day, you are currently spending £2920.00 a year on smoking. Once you know the secret, you will spend only £1460.00. A SAVING OF £1460.00 A YEAR!

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