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3d-art.net is a trading factor of Onview.net Ltd, a tiny, tiny limited company based in Oxfordshire in the UK. Founded in the late 90s to protect the work of artist/writer/film maker - Mol Smith and his associates, we continue to endeavour to produce small works of entertainment in physical books and physical products, and on the web,. Our aim is more often Socially Entrepreneurial Ethical rather than driven by profit motives. We do make a small profit in what we do to help maintain our work and presence, and often provide information and resources free of any charge.
More about our tiny company is here.

We abhor mass advertising, large profit-making, or any activity carried out for profit which then detracts from human comfort, or fails to protect the balance of natural resources. Although we are NOT religiously motivated, we believe in a fair and just world, and try NOT to carry out activities which may inadvertently create negative experiences either directly or indirectly. We believe fairness and truth in all matters leads to a better world, despite many of those qualities now abandoned by many other individuals, institutes, and companies in the pursuit of greed and ambition. Just look at your world and think about it.

We have a single point of contact: info@onview.net

Our 3D stereo cards are created using high quality dye-sublimation photographic printing to create high resolution and long-life enduring works. We aim to create collections and sets which are limited in numbers and will therefore increase their value over time as rare and collectable items.






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