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3D Card Viewing 
Our stereo 3D cards are viewed with the supplied 3d viewer or if you have one already, or a similar one, with that. You hold the viewer in your hand and place the card flat on a surface or hold it by a corner in your hand. You look through the viewer at the card ensuring you are within 6 inches from the card and then move forwards or backwards slightly until the images are in sharp focus. See the video beloiw where Brian May shows how to use the Owl-Lite to see a 3d stereo image on a mobile phone. The same principle is used to view our cards. You need to watch the video on youtube. Click to play it and you'll go to see it there.



3D Book Viewing
Our books do not need a viewer. They use two methods.  The images are printed for both cross-eye vision viewing and for parallel-eye viewing.  Most people can manage cross-eye viewing  and less can manage parallel eye viewing. Me being one of them! You can practice on this one.






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