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Imagine witnessing the world's most famous and valuable paintings the way the artist saw or envisaged them. Not flat - a 3d world captured onto a 2D representation, but alive, solid, real... the way we see things in real-life. Now you can! Our 3D famous paintings book and our 3D stereo card set by the same name  enables the 3D viewing of the following famous paintings below. For the first time see through the arists's mind. Feel his/her passion. All the paintings below are included in the book and in the 3D stereo card set.

The Hay Wain

The Potato Eaters Girl with a Pearl Earring Flaming June

Salvator Mundi

Venice, from the Porch of Madonna della Salute

Nude Before A Mirror Seated Dancer In Pink Tights
The Lady Of Shalott The Astronomer The Raft Of Medusa The Siren

Fishermen at Sea

The Birth Of Venus Truth Coming
Out Of Her Well

The Ninth Wave

The Sleepy Bather Going To Work Lady Godiva

Las Meninas






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