We are currently working on stereo cards by converting  several series of 2D images into 3D stereo cards. We hope to reinvigorate interest in 3D stereo imaging both of the older viewing methods and the contemporary. Many sets include a detailed coloured leaflet to inform and add more detail about each stereo image.

In Production:

Futuristic Weapons of Modern Warfare
Almost out of a James Bond movie but actually in existence, some of the deadliest weapons known to work in novel new and terrifying ways. In 3D.

In production now.

Predators of the Animal Kingdom
Lions, Eagles, Wolves, Foxes and the animals at the top of their game!
Under consideration

Victorian Women 3
Following on sets 1 & 2, yet more 2d photographs of vicitoran ladies  restored and turned into stunning 3D.
In planning stage.

Victorian Engineering
Brunel and other great Victorian Engineers,  and the building of canals, railways, sewers, bridges, the underground. The great Victorian Engineers works in 3D.
In planning stage.

Victorian Pornography
Not for the kids, this set. Repaired and restored Victorian Pornographic images, to preserve and boggle at them in 3D.
In planning stage.

Custom Cars
The cars of yesteryear. Classic cars you rarely see today unless a car lover restores one. 
In planning stage.

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