Download 3d images fror you ROkIT PHONE or other compatible 3d phone.

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The stereo 3D images can be viewed on most mobile phones or better still on a Rokit 3D phone. For normal cell phones, use one of the following to view in 3D:
The Owl Lite 3D viewer [buy here], the Loreo Lite 3D viewer [buy here]. You can use these 3d viewers along with virtual reality Apps on your mobile phone too, and our viewers are cheaper! See a list of Apps? Sure go to Google store on your mobile phone and search for VR Apps.

How to install our FREE 3D IMAGES on your phone.
1. Download any or all of the  zip files from the column left.
2. Unzip to obtain the images.
3. Copy or move the images to your 3D image folder on your phone.

On Rokit phones.

Put the images into the following directory.

 IO 3D\Internal shared storage\K3DX\3DCIM\CAMERA
Where IO 3D\ is your Rokit phone name when USB connected to a computer

On normal cell phones.
transfer the images into the /pictures folder or where your camera photos are stored.


Samples from our 3d card sets: Classic paintings, Mol Digital Art, & Victorian Nudes.

[ Note: the download contains artistic nude images! ].

Download 2
Samples from our 3d card sets: Monsters of the deep, Secrets of living close (insects), airplanes of WWII. 

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