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The interest in 3D stereoscopic viewing comes and goes in waves. It began in Victorian times and has resurfaced in all manner of ways ever since. The simple discovery that we have two eyes which perceive the world independly through two slightly-apart eyes, and the fact our mind (brain) combines those two views to give us a sense of depth is a powerful insight into how we perceive reality.

A lot of sites on the Internet, once visited frequently, are run by individuals who have a passionate interest in the subject.

Sadly, most have died away due to the rise of Internet advertising and the giants -  Google, Amazon, facebook - defining what is commercially viable.

My name is Mol Smith, and I have been fascinated with 2-eyed viewing and how we can achieve that in recording our world, since a boy. I believe it is as important a pursuit today as it was in the fine days of early victorian fasicinations. NASA does too. Why? Because it is the closest we can come to recordinng what we actually see and playing it back as we saw it.

We hope to engage you into a resurgence of interest in stereoscopic viewing and welcome all contact from interested people and parties. Your comments are important to us.

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