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All forms of 3D provide an improved perspective of human understanding. The world is not 2D, it is 3D. At least to our eyes. I am Mol Smith and I simply love Stereo 3D. A passion since a boy. I work to convert many things recorded in normal cameras into 3D stereo representations. For example - this Monster Of The Deep - which was originally photographed in normal 2D photography. But you see it far more powerfully in 3D like below.

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There have been many attempts to give someone interested in seeing in 3D actually being able to see images and films in 3D. But most fail to take hold because it is more expensive and difficult to create 3D content and material. There are several proven and traditional methods: 3d stereo viewing glasses; Red/Cyan viewing glasses; Holograms, Moving Gif images like the one above; Parallel Viewing; & Cross-Eyed Viewing. To learn more about the various techniques, go to Help/About.

You can buy devices (cameras) which can record Stereo Images but they come and go as commercial ventures get excited by the idea but discover the 'take-up' is not commercially viable. Sadly! Many web sites still exist which present Stereo 3D resources, including some long-running club sites. See
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